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Frank Robben
Last Update: 10/25/2003

I have written a number of newsletters about my adventures and doings while sailing and living on Kialoa II. Perhaps you will find them interesting. The most recent newsletter, "The Departure of Kialoa", has some pictures included. The Salmon's report on their visit to Mangareva, Pitcairn and Henderson Island with us in June 1997 is excellent and gives an outsider's view of life on Kialoa II.

Summary of my travels on Kialoa II
Sea of Cortez on Kialoa II - December 1987 - Marshall Krantz 
Honolulu to Hiroshima - October 1,1988 - Racing to Japan
On the Way to Ceylon - November '92 - Cocos Keeling Islands
Dismasted - November '92 - Cocos Keeling Islands
Repairs in Sri Lanka - August 1993 - Vilamoura, Portugal
Arrested by the Yemenese Army - August 1993 - Vilamoura, Portugal
From Sri Lanka to Portugal - August 1993 - Vilamoura, Portugal
Studying Meddies Off the Coast of Portugal - December 1993 - Vilamoura, Portugal
On Kialoa II in Vilamoura, Portugal - December 1993
Portugal to Florida - September 1994 - Cape Canaveral, Florida
Florida to San Francisco - December 1995 - Dixon, California
Christmas 1995 - December 1995 - Dixon, California
Link to "Trip to the Pitcairn Islands", by John and Lynn Salmon - June 1997
See also the following newsletter
Ensenada to New Zealand - February 1998
New Zealand and Fiji - August 1998
Fiji to Hawaii - December 1998
The Departure of Kialoa - May 1999
Our Families - June 1999