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The Future for Frank and Cynthia Without Kialoa II

Frank Robben - May 1999

I would like to visit several places in the world. It would be most interesting to stay for a while in Cynthia's home town, Kandy in Sri Lanka, or in the nearby village where she has property and her favorite sister lives. Perhaps we would build a house on her property, it would be an interesting project and could be rented.

With Cynthia I would love to tour India and see some of the famous places of that very ancient civilization, to visit some friends there, and to go up a bit into the Himalayas, say at least to Kathamandu, and maybe a bit beyond.

We would like Maria, now nearing 12, to attend school for a while in Sri Lanka so as not to forget her homeland and language.

It would be wonderful to return for a bit to Sweden where I know the language and have many good memories. My daughter Katie and her husband Tom have a summer house there, and it would be very interesting to visit old friends in Sweden and in Europe.

I would like to write, and about a number of things. Occasionally I have various inspirations. There are anecdotes from my life, observations on people I have known and the situations in which I have been involved, and sometimes I think seriously about the future of us on this planet, where are we going and why, my musings.

I also have projects in mind, in particular one that I developed just a bit when I was in college and rowing competitively. I think it is possible to design and build a faster rowing shell. Still no one has done it and I believe it would work.

And if we find that we miss living on a boat too much, we can always buy a smaller yacht, one more suitable for a couple.