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Welcome to our personal homepage. I owned and sailed on the yacht Kialoa II for almost 15 years, and my wife Cynthia and our daughter Maria joined me for the last 5 years. We sold Kialoa II to a Dutch businessman in February 1999. He took Kialoa II to Turkey, where she has been extensively refurbished (with some modifications) is now sailing again.

If you are interested in knowing about our sailing experiences, and about Kialoa II, please take this link or use the link on the sidebar.

Since November of 1998 we have been landbound with Maria in school (she is now a junior in Sacred Hearts High School) and have led a relatively normal life, principally in that lovely but congested city of Honolulu. We do enjoy being in Hawaii. If you wish to know more I have generally written a yearly newsletter, listed in the newsletters on the sidebar.

I dream of sailing again, maybe when Maria finishes High School... At present, besides the seemingly never ending tasks associated with being retired, I have worked at repairing a house, and am now building a duplex. A daunting task, it seems sometimes.

~Frank & Cynthia Robben~
Frank Cynthia Maria
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